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  1. Select all hamap rulesSELECT ?rule WHERE { ?rule sh:construct ?query . }
  2. Show the triples about MF_00001DESCRIBE <http://purl.uniprot.org/hamap/MF_00001>
  3. Select all hamap rules that deal with Catalytic ActivitySELECT ?rule ?query WHERE { ?rule sh:construct ?query . FILTER (CONTAINS(?query, 'Catalytic_Activity_Annotation')) }
  4. Select all hamap rules that annotate a Rhea reaction with an EC enzyme classSELECT ?rule ?enzymeClass WHERE { ?rule a sp:Construct ; sp:templates/rdf:rest*/rdf:first ?annotationsToAdd . ?annotationsToAdd sp:predicate up:enzymeClass ; sp:object ?enzymeClass . }


This SPARQL endpoint contains all HAMAP data. It is free to access and supports the SPARQL 1.1 Standard.

There are 3,151,105 triples in this release (2024_03). The query timeout is 45 minutes. All triples are available in the default graph. There are 3 named graphs.


  1. Statistics and diagrams
  2. Example queries