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Classify (and annotate) your own protein sequences by using the collection of HAMAP family profiles and annotation rules [help].

=> Retrieve results of a previous scan.

STEP 1 - Enter PROTEIN sequences [?]

Enter PROTEIN sequences (max. 1'000) Examples
Upload a file (up to 100'000 sequences)

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STEP 2 - Choose 'Scan' or 'Scan & Annotate' [?]


STEP 3 - Submit your job [?]

Email: (optional) You will be notified by email once the job you submitted has completed (even if no match has been found). Your results will be available on our server for 1 week.
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Retrieve results from 'Scan & Annotate' [?]

Download results of a previous scan
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Request code: * Enter the three-letter request code that was displayed when you submitted your data to 'Scan & Annotate'. In case you don't remember the code, please refer to your submission confirmation email.
Password: Enter the password that you entered when you submitted your data. If you didn't provide a password, leave this field empty. In case you don't remember the password, please refer to your submission confirmation email.

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If you use the results obtained via this tool please cite: "HAMAP in 2015: updates to the protein family classification and annotation system." Nucleic Acids Res. 43:D1064-D1070(2015).