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High-quality Automated and Manual Annotation of Proteins

HAMAP is a system for the classification and annotation of protein sequences. It consists of a collection of manually curated family profiles for protein classification, and associated, manually created annotation rules that specify annotations that apply to family members. HAMAP is used to annotate protein records in UniProtKB via UniProt's automatic annotation pipeline. We also provide an interface to scan user sequences against HAMAP family profiles [More...].

Field Term
Last updated
for UniProt release 2017_12

Number of family profiles 2'226
Number of annotation rules    2'259
 e.g. recA, MF_00191, Iron
 The wildcard * is supported.

Quickly find matches of your protein sequences to HAMAP family profiles (max. 1'000 sequences). Examples
More options

If you want to submit more than 1'000 sequences, or if you want to have your sequences annotated in UniProtKB format by using HAMAP annotation rules, use the

Advanced HAMAP-Scan submission form
Questions? Comments? Please send us your feedback.

"HAMAP in 2015: updates to the protein family classification and annotation system." Nucleic Acids Res. 43:D1064-D1070(2015).