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HAMAP rule MF_01332

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General rule information [?]

Accession MF_01332
Dates 9-JUN-2004 (Created)
19-NOV-2019 (Last updated, Version 18)
Name SecM
Bacteria; Enterobacterales
Template P62395 (SECM_ECOLI)

Propagated annotation [?]

Identifier, protein and gene names [?]

Protein name
RecName: Full=Secretion monitor;
Flags: Precursor;
Gene name

Comments [?]

Function Regulates secA expression by translational coupling of the secM secA operon. Translational pausing at a specific Pro residue 5 residues before the end of the protein may allow disruption of a mRNA repressor helix that normally suppresses secA translation initiation.
Subcellular location Cytoplasm, cytosol. Periplasm. Note=The active form is cytosolic, while the periplasmic form is rapidly degraded, mainly by the tail-specific protease.
Similarity Belongs to the SecM family.

Keywords [?]

Gene Ontology [?]

GO:0005829; Cellular component: cytosol.

Cross-references [?]

Pfam PF06558; SecM; 1;

Computed features [?]

General Signal; -; 1; trigger=yes;

Additional information [?]

Size range 165-177 amino acids
Related rules None
Fusion None