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HAMAP rule MF_01031

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General rule information [?]

Accession MF_01031
Dates 6-SEP-2002 (Created)
1-JUN-2023 (Last updated, Version 30)
Name LeuD_type1
Scope(s) Bacteria
Template(s) P04787 (LEUD1_SALTY); [ Recover all ]
Triggered by HAMAP; MF_01031 (Get profile general information and statistics)

Propagated annotation [?]

Identifier, protein and gene names [?]

Identifier LEUD
Protein name RecName: Full=3-isopropylmalate dehydratase small subunit;
AltName: Full=Alpha-IPM isomerase;
AltName: Full=Isopropylmalate isomerase;
Gene name Name=leuD;

Comments [?]

FUNCTIONCatalyzes the isomerization between 2-isopropylmalate and 3- isopropylmalate, via the formation of 2-isopropylmaleate.
CATALYTIC ACTIVITY Reaction=(2R,3S)-3-isopropylmalate = (2S)-2-isopropylmalate; Xref=Rhea:RHEA:32287, ChEBI:CHEBI:1178, ChEBI:CHEBI:35121; EC=;
PATHWAYAmino-acid biosynthesis; L-leucine biosynthesis; L-leucine from 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate: step 2/4.
SUBUNITHeterodimer of LeuC and LeuD.
SIMILARITYBelongs to the LeuD family. LeuD type 1 subfamily.

Keywords [?]

Gene Ontology [?]

GO:0003861; Molecular function:3-isopropylmalate dehydratase activity
GO:0009098; Biological process:leucine biosynthetic process

Cross-references [?]

Pfam PF00694; Aconitase_C; 1;
NCBIfam TIGR00171; LeuD; 1;

Features [?]

Additional information [?]

Size range 189-230 amino acids
Related rules MF_01032
Fusion Nter: None Cter: None

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