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HAMAP rule MF_01400

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General rule information [?]

Accession MF_01400
Dates 8-APR-2002 (Created)
1-JUN-2023 (Last updated, Version 33)
Name MsrB
Scope(s) Bacteria
Template(s) P14930 (MSRAB_NEIGO); Q9JWM8 (MSRAB_NEIMA); P0A746 (MSRB_ECOLI); Q3JRF0 (MSRB_BURP1); P0A088 (MSRB_STAA8); [ Recover all ]
Triggered by HAMAP; MF_01400 (Get profile general information and statistics)

Propagated annotation [?]

Identifier, protein and gene names [?]

Identifier MSRB
Protein name RecName: Full=Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase MsrB;
AltName: Full=Peptide-methionine (R)-S-oxide reductase;
Gene name Name=msrB;

Comments [?]

CATALYTIC ACTIVITY Reaction=[thioredoxin]-disulfide + H2O + L-methionyl-[protein] = [thioredoxin]-dithiol + L-methionyl-(R)-S-oxide-[protein]; Xref=Rhea:RHEA:24164, Rhea:RHEA-COMP:10698, Rhea:RHEA-COMP:10700, Rhea:RHEA-COMP:12313, Rhea:RHEA-COMP:12314, ChEBI:CHEBI:15377, ChEBI:CHEBI:16044, ChEBI:CHEBI:29950, ChEBI:CHEBI:45764, ChEBI:CHEBI:50058; EC=;
case <FTGroup:1>
COFACTOR Name=Zn(2+); Xref=ChEBI:CHEBI:29105; Note=Binds 1 zinc ion per subunit. The zinc ion is important for the structural integrity of the protein.;
end case
SIMILARITYBelongs to the MsrB Met sulfoxide reductase family.

Keywords [?]

case <FTGroup:1>
end case

Gene Ontology [?]

GO:0033743; Molecular function:peptide-methionine (R)-S-oxide reductase activity
case <FTGroup:1>
GO:0008270; Molecular function:zinc ion binding
end case

Cross-references [?]

Pfam PF01641; SelR; 1;
NCBIfam TIGR00357; TIGR00357; 1;

Features [?]

From: MSRB_ECOLI (P0A746)
Key From To Description Tag Condition FTGroup
ACT_SITE 118 118 /note="Nucleophile" C
BINDING 46 46 /ligand="Zn(2+)"
C 1
BINDING 49 49 /ligand="Zn(2+)"
C 1
BINDING 95 95 /ligand="Zn(2+)"
C 1
BINDING 98 98 /ligand="Zn(2+)"
C 1

Additional information [?]

Size range 124-159 amino acids
Related rules None
Fusion Nter: MF_01401 (msrA) Cter: MF_01401 (msrA)

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