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Annotation rule MF_02205
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General rule information [?]

Accession MF_02205
Dates 13-FEB-2018 (Created)
20-NOV-2019 (Last updated, Version 5)
Name DinG_proteobact
Bacteria; Proteobacteria
Template P27296 (DING_ECOLI)

Propagated annotation [?]

Identifier, protein and gene names [?]

Protein name
RecName: Full=ATP-dependent DNA helicase DinG;
Gene name

Comments [?]

Function DNA-dependent ATPase and 5'-3' DNA helicase.
Catalytic activity RHEA:13065: ATP + H2O = ADP + H(+) + phosphate
Cofactor [4Fe-4S] cluster
Note: Binds 1 [4Fe-4S] cluster
Similarity Belongs to the helicase family. DinG subfamily. Type 1 sub-subfamily.

Keywords [?]

Gene Ontology [?]

GO:0003678; Molecular function: DNA helicase activity.
GO:0005524; Molecular function: ATP binding.
GO:0003677; Molecular function: DNA binding.
GO:0051539; Molecular function: 4 iron, 4 sulfur cluster binding.

Cross-references [?]

PROSITE PS51193; HELICASE_ATP_BIND_2; 1; trigger=PRU00541;
PS51194; HELICASE_CTER; 1; trigger=PRU00542;
Pfam PF00270; DEAD; 1;
PF06733; DEAD_2; 1;
PF13307; Helicase_C_2; 1;

Features [?]

From: DING_ECOLI (P27296)
Key     From     To       Description   Tag   Condition   FTGroup
METAL     120     120       Iron-sulfur (4Fe-4S)     C  
METAL     194     194       Iron-sulfur (4Fe-4S)     C  
METAL (Optional)     199     199       Iron-sulfur (4Fe-4S)     C  
METAL     205     205       Iron-sulfur (4Fe-4S)     C  

Additional information [?]

Size range 650-780 amino acids
Related rules None
Fusion None