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HAMAP rule MF_04065

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General rule information [?]

Accession MF_04065
Dates 4-APR-2017 (Created)
1-MAR-2024 (Last updated, Version 10)
Scope(s) Viruses
Template(s) P03431 (RDRP_I34A1); [ Recover all ]
Triggered by HAMAP; MF_04065 (Get profile general information and statistics)

Propagated annotation [?]

Identifier, protein and gene names [?]

Identifier RDRP
Protein name RecName: Full=RNA-directed RNA polymerase catalytic subunit;
AltName: Full=Polymerase basic protein 1;
AltName: Full=RNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit P1;
Gene name Name=PB1;

Comments [?]

FUNCTIONRNA-dependent RNA polymerase which is responsible for replication and transcription of virus RNA segments. The transcription of viral mRNAs occurs by a unique mechanism called cap-snatching. 5' methylated caps of cellular mRNAs are cleaved after 10-13 nucleotides by PA. In turn, these short capped RNAs are used as primers by PB1 for transcription of viral mRNAs. During virus replication, PB1 initiates RNA synthesis and copies vRNA into complementary RNA (cRNA) which in turn serves as a template for the production of more vRNAs.
CATALYTIC ACTIVITY Reaction=a ribonucleoside 5'-triphosphate + RNA(n) = diphosphate + RNA(n+1); Xref=Rhea:RHEA:21248, Rhea:RHEA-COMP:14527, Rhea:RHEA- COMP:17342, ChEBI:CHEBI:33019, ChEBI:CHEBI:61557, ChEBI:CHEBI:140395; EC=;
SUBUNITInfluenza RNA polymerase is composed of three subunits: PB1, PB2 and PA. Interacts (via N-terminus) with PA (via C-terminus). Interacts (via C-terminus) with PB2 (via N-terminus); this interaction is essential for transcription initiation.
SUBCELLULAR LOCATIONHost nucleus. Host cytoplasm.
PTMPhosphorylated by host PRKCA.
SIMILARITYBelongs to the influenza viruses polymerase PB1 family.

Keywords [?]

Gene Ontology [?]

GO:0030430; Cellular component:host cell cytoplasm
GO:0042025; Cellular component:host cell nucleus
GO:0000166; Molecular function:nucleotide binding
GO:0003968; Molecular function:RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity
GO:0039523; Biological process:symbiont-mediated suppression of host mRNA transcription via inhibition of RNA polymerase II activity
GO:0006351; Biological process:DNA-templated transcription
GO:0039694; Biological process:viral RNA genome replication

Cross-references [?]

Pfam PF00602; Flu_PB1; 1;
PIRSF PIRSF000827; RdRPol_OMV; 1;

Features [?]

From: RDRP_I34A1 (P03431)
Key From To Description Tag Condition FTGroup
DOMAIN 286 483 /note="RdRp catalytic"
REGION 249 256 /note="Promoter-binding site"
MOTIF 187 195 /note="Nuclear localization signal"
MOTIF 203 216 /note="Nuclear localization signal"

Additional information [?]

Size range 751-758 amino acids
Related rules None
Fusion Nter: None Cter: None

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